Wheel Balancing


Wheel Balancing

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Because we just don’t sell a product but a solution, Tyre Fitting and Wheel Balancing is included FREE OF CHARGE when a New Tyre is Purchased, except specified otherwise.

Benefits of balancing a Tyre

A tyre balance simply describes how mass is distributed within an automobile tyre and the attached wheel. Every vehicle requires regular tyre balancing to prevent serious issues from developing over time. If you consider factors like the number of Kilometers you drive in a day, and the bumps, rocks, and holes you hit, it’s easy to see how your tyres get out of balance.

There is a lot of damage you can do to your vehicle as well as the tyre by not having your tyre well balanced and continuing to drive. Slight weight difference in your tyres can produce small shakes or vibrations giving you a rough ride. These shakes often become more intense as you increase speed and it worsens when issues occur with all four of the wheels. Most drivers notice tire imbalance in the front tires first since vibrations that occur on those wheels are usually directed to the steering wheel. On the other hand, vibrations from the rear wheels often go unnoticed and can therefore cause even more issues.

Tyre balancing also helps eliminate vibrations that occur when the wheel and tyre are not properly matched. Regardless of whether you purchased the pair together or not, this problem cannot be simply eliminated. You should not neglect this type of tyre maintenance and instead seek out professional help to resolve weight differences that cause vibration. Minute weight differences can end up causing a lot of damage over time. Luckily, these can be detected and corrected using state of the art machines at IMALCO.